In November of 2016, I did my first powerlifting meet. I loved the experience, totaling 500kg (1,100lbs) going 4/9, however I knew I was capable of more and wanted more powerlifting specific guidance and support, with my aim to compete at the British Junior Championships in 2017. I started working with Nsima/Break The Bar just after this meet.





If you are interested in being coached by Nsima, or any coaching at all, I would not hesitate to recommend Break the Bar, the bespoke training, nutrition and support will be more than enough for you to achieve your goals.

After researching several different coaches, I organized a consultation via Skype with Nsima to discuss how we could work together. After listening to my aims, we worked out a strategy of how to achieve this aim. In summary, Get Big Get Strong.

Being U.K based, with a hectic schedule as a coach myself, communication and accountability was always going to be difficult to manage due to time zones. However despite this, regular feedback and direction was given to continue my development as an athlete.

This brought me to the British Junior Powerlifting Championships, which was exactly 1 year after my first meet. We totaled 565kg(1243lbs), added 65KG(143lbs) to my overall total in 12 months, went 8/9 and became nationally qualified with lifts at the British Open of:

  • Squat: 462lbs, 210kg(+10kg Comp PB)

  • Bench: 269.5lbs, 122.5kg(+7.5kg Comp PB)

  • Deadlift: 511.5lbs, 232.5kg (Equal Comp PB)


Owen’s 2019 Total’s are as follows

640kg Total(140kg added in 3 years)

  • Squat: 506lbs, 230kg

  • Bench: 308lbs, 140kg

  • Deadlift: 594 lbs, 270kg

Working as part of the Break The Bar Team has also assisted with my development as a coach. With regular check ins and discussions, this has helped me broaden my horizons and expand my understanding of strength training, programming, technique & how to develop an athletes mindset in both training and on competition day.

I took time away from working with Nsima due to personal reasons, for 3 months of 2017, with little to no progress made during this time, my head was all over the place, with no enthusiasm for training or anything at all at that point, I knew something needed to be done.

This involved me getting back in touch with Nsima, having a long conversation to “get my mojo back” and to salvage something of 2017 and come away with a positive experience from nationals. We managed it, and my headspace is as driven as ever to keep pushing forward as I head into my last year as a junior.

I can honestly say I would not be where I am now as a lifter, coach, athlete or person if it were not for the support given by Nsima throughout the past 12 months.