In November of 2016, I did my first powerlifting meet. I loved the experience, totaling 500kg (1,100lbs) going 4/9, however I knew I was capable of more and wanted more powerlifting specific guidance and support, with my aim to compete at the British Junior Championships in 2017. I started working with Nsima/Break The Bar just after this meet.





If you are interested in being coached by Nsima, or any coaching at all, I would not hesitate to recommend Break the Bar, the bespoke training, nutrition and support will be more than enough for you to achieve your goals.

After researching several different coaches, I organized a consultation via Skype with Nsima to discuss how we could work together. After listening to my aims, we worked out a strategy of how to achieve this aim. In summary, Get Big Get Strong.

Being U.K based, with a hectic schedule as a coach myself, communication and accountability was always going to be difficult to manage due to time zones. However despite this, regular feedback and direction was given to continue my development as an athlete.

This brought me to the British Junior Powerlifting Championships, which was exactly 1 year after my first meet. We totaled 565kg(1243lbs), added 65KG(143lbs) to my overall total in 12 months, went 8/9 and became nationally qualified with lifts at the British Open of:

  • Squat: 462lbs, 210kg(+10kg Comp PB)

  • Bench: 269.5lbs, 122.5kg(+7.5kg Comp PB)

  • Deadlift: 511.5lbs, 232.5kg (Equal Comp PB)


Owen’s 2019 Total’s are as follows

640kg Total(140kg added in 3 years)

  • Squat: 506lbs, 230kg

  • Bench: 308lbs, 140kg

  • Deadlift: 594 lbs, 270kg

Working as part of the Break The Bar Team has also assisted with my development as a coach. With regular check ins and discussions, this has helped me broaden my horizons and expand my understanding of strength training, programming, technique & how to develop an athletes mindset in both training and on competition day.

I took time away from working with Nsima due to personal reasons, for 3 months of 2017, with little to no progress made during this time, my head was all over the place, with no enthusiasm for training or anything at all at that point, I knew something needed to be done.

This involved me getting back in touch with Nsima, having a long conversation to “get my mojo back” and to salvage something of 2017 and come away with a positive experience from nationals. We managed it, and my headspace is as driven as ever to keep pushing forward as I head into my last year as a junior.

I can honestly say I would not be where I am now as a lifter, coach, athlete or person if it were not for the support given by Nsima throughout the past 12 months.


In the 8 months Nsima and I worked together I broke all my previous personal records, became much more conditioned and lean, as well as learned a ton about the most efficient way to train my body. Before Nsima's programming my numbers were:

Squat: 465  |  Bench: 455  |  Deadlift: 435




In our first meet working together (5/27/17), I totaled 1532.2 lbs at 120kg weight class with a Squat of 485lbs(+20lbs) a bench of 470lbs(+15lbs) and a conventional deadlift at 585lbs(+150lbs) taking home a bronze medal. Nsima recommended I switch to pulling sumo stance based off my leverages for my body type, limb length, and previous history of lower back injuries. My next meet (11/11/17) I finished with a 1642.4 Total, A ONE HUNDRED POUND INCREASE!

My lifts were as follows:

  • Squat: 523.6 (+60lb)

  • Bench: 485

  • Deadlift: 633.8 (+198lbs)

Earning me a Gold in the Men's Bench only and a Silver overall in the Men's 120kg.

Nsima was always very helpful in pinpointing weakness, adjusting my mechanics, and explaining why he prescribed what he did, and if I still had any questions he was always happy to answer. 

The bread and butter of working with Nsima was no doubt his programming, the accessories selection, rep scheme, periodization, and introducing me to what he called "+ sets" leading into peak week and eventually in my case attempt selection for meet day were all spot on. There were a few times when I was nervous about the weight he prescribed but he always reminded me "the numbers don't lie, the lift is there, just get out of your head" and he was right every time. 

Because Nsima's diverse skill set and very athletic background, I'd have no problems with recommending him to anyone at any experience level with the desire to look feel and perform better at a recreational or competitive level. That being said the difference you will receive when working with a coach like Nsima versus working alone is you have someone taking out the variable of "trial and error" out of the equation. He programs just for you based on your numbers and your mechanics, and is able to adjust your technique when necessary or interchange accessory work around any limitations you may have. 

I switched multiple aspects of my training around with Nsima's recommendations and packed 250+ lbs to my totals, lost considerable fat, greatly improved my body composition, learned a lot about implementing training strategies based on my needs to my training, all WITHOUT BEING INJURED ONCE, thats what a great coach will do for you.

It's been a pleasure training under Nsima "The Centaur" Inyang and I am honored to share my experience working with someone I consider a friend. Thanks Coach!


After having Nsima as my powerlifting coach for about a year, I can honestly say that I am SO happy that we crossed paths! If you’re looking for a coach that is extremely knowledgeable, methodical, & always willing to answer any questions that you may have, Nsima is your guy.


LOCATION: Fullerton, CA


I’ve blossomed as a powerlifter so much in the short year we’ve been working together physically & mentally. Physically by adding about 100 lbs to my all time PR total (225/253 Squat, 255/315 Deadlift, 110/121 Bench), and mentally by becoming much more confident in myself & learning different techniques to become more in tune with my lifting.

Before I began powerlifting I was a collegiate softball player that was fairly experienced with weight training. I fell into powerlifting in December 2016 & haven’t looked back since. Being a beginner powerlifter but a former collegiate athlete, I knew what I was looking for in a coach. I wanted someone that had a similar background to me, someone that was knowledgeable & successful, that was easy to talk to, & lucky for me, Nsima fits all of these categories.

Nsima helped me peak for 2 USPA meets & I have seen major improvement in not only my numbers but my form & confidence.

  • June 2017: 235S/115B/281D

  • February 2018: 253S/121B/303D

One of the things that I enjoy particularly about how Nsima coaches is his ability to make my training blocks specific for me. He asks about accessory movements that I enjoy/don’t enjoy, what I want to improve on when it comes to my compound lifts, & always keeps my personal goals in mind.

The relationship Nsima & I share is nothing short of a perfect balance of coach & friend. His communication when I feel like the weight is about 500 pounds heavier than it should feel or when I doubt myself as an athlete is something I’m extremely grateful for. Him & I are going to do great things in the future & I can’t wait! Thanks Nsima for being you! I appreciate you so much!


First off I’d like to say that Nsima is a VERY well spoken person. He’s very passionate when he talks, very clear and I thought that was awesome!




I competed at the USPA Metroflex meet under Nsima’s coaching for 16 weeks and I went 7/9 in my meet, totaled 1130 @ 146 lbs and got 1st place against 4 others. I’ve been lifting for 4 years and Powerlifting for 3. I am actually a personal trainer and coach myself and I reached out to Nsima because I believe EVERY coach needs a coach. I wanted to learn more and better myself and my clients so I wanted to see what I could learn from Nsima!

As far as my Squat, Bench and Deadlift progress under his coaching, my squat progressed by being able to do 365 lbs under volume easier. My bench increased by 10 lbs and my deadlift increased 29 lbs which I'm super happy about! The peaking program was what I learned a lot about, the structure was well made so that my fatigue was cut a lot but my stimulus was still high and it worked GREAT for meet day! The day of the meet Nsima was VERY communicative and called me to get pumped and focused. What I learned was a change of style for accessories and how to structure them. I also learned how to implement heavy sets in a volume phase of training and how to deload properly. Overall I was very comfortable working with Nsima as coach! He’s a super cool, chill and funny guy and I see him as a friend! Don’t hesitate to contact him because he is very professional, knows what he’s doing, and gets results if you put in the work.


Having Nsima as a coach is like having a friend that is always there and supporting you as you chase your goals in life. He has assisted me the best ways possible and I’m truly happy I chose him to be my coach, it has made my powerlifting journey that much enjoyable so far!




Lets begin with my lifts, I had a huge improvement in all three of my lifts compared to my last competition! I went 9/9 (A perfect meet) taking my squats from 416lbs to 446lbs (30 lb increase), Bench from 312lbs to 352lbs (40lb increase), and Deadlifts 512lbs to 556lbs (44lb increase). Not only did my numbers significantly improve but also my confidence when it comes to these lifts and I really must thank Nsima for that. I started exercising on a regular basis around my senior year in high school and started powerlifting early 2017 and that's one of the best life choices I’ve made so far. Once I started training with Nsima, I gained so much muscle with the workouts he had me do and the intensity of the training. I honestly couldn’t be happier with the progress!

Before training with him I would always stay the same size muscularly, and I would always settle because I would think I couldn’t grow anymore. OBVIOUSLY I WAS WRONG! The accessory work was prioritized to work on some weak points on my body that significantly improved my Squat/Bench/Deadlift, and it did with the huge PRS I hit on my recent competition. Training can always be taxing on the body and drain you mentally, but the major thing coach told me was “ADAPTATION IS INEVITABLE”, and I took his word for it. Day by day training has gotten better, my body was able to handle the load and that pushed my confidence through the roof. Bench and squats have always been my strongest lifts, but not so much on deadlifts. Since I started with coach I had converted to sumo deadlifts because of my leverages and let me tell you it was tough at first. Sending videos to coach of my sumo lifts and having him analyze it and give me me pointers and technical cues have allowed me to gain so much confidence on my deadlifts and it wouldn’t have been possible to hit a big PR on that lift if it wasn’t for his commitment to helping me. Anytime I had a question or was uncertain about something he was always available to do a video chat or communicate through Instagram DM’s and this was huge for me because I ask a lot of questions! With his wealth of experience he was able to help me make so many improvements.

During my competition, one of my friends was sending Nsima video of my lifts and he would respond with the attempts that would fit best for me to do next and let me tell you how much of a relief that is. To just have to worry about lifting and not thinking about the numbers that I needed to lift next, it made my competition so much easier and enjoyable. Having Nsima as a coach is like having a friend that is always there and supporting you as you chase your goals in life. He has assisted me the best ways possible and I’m truly happy I chose him to be my coach, it has made my powerlifting journey that much enjoyable so far!


A great coach is someone that is willing to put in the time to design a customized program just for you, someone that is reliable and responsive, someone who knows how to work around your injuries, makes training fun and enjoyable, and most importantly someone that gives you actual results.




There was one point in my lifting career before working with Nsima that I felt like I hit a plateau. I was running program after program but my numbers just weren’t going up. These cookie cutter programs weren’t cutting it anymore. I needed something built specifically for me. I also suffered from a knee injury which barred me from progressing as fast as I would like, and I wasn’t sure what path to take. This is when I looked into hiring a coach. With that being said there are a lot of factors that differentiate a good coach from a great coach. A great coach is someone that is willing to put in the time to design a customized program just for you, someone that is reliable and responsive, someone who knows how to work around your injuries, makes training fun and enjoyable, and most importantly someone that gives you actual results.

The results are the reason I’m still working with Nsima now. We took my deadlift from just under 500 to over 600in a matter of 5 months WHILE my knee was recovering! I strongly believe no matter what level lifter you are, and whether you’re a beginner or elite, Nsima can help you get to the next level!