In the 8 months Nsima and I worked together I broke all my previous personal records, became much more conditioned and lean, as well as learned a ton about the most efficient way to train my body. Before Nsima's programming my numbers were:

Squat: 465  |  Bench: 455  |  Deadlift: 435




In our first meet working together (5/27/17), I totaled 1532.2 lbs at 120kg weight class with a Squat of 485lbs(+20lbs) a bench of 470lbs(+15lbs) and a conventional deadlift at 585lbs(+150lbs) taking home a bronze medal. Nsima recommended I switch to pulling sumo stance based off my leverages for my body type, limb length, and previous history of lower back injuries. My next meet (11/11/17) I finished with a 1642.4 Total, A ONE HUNDRED POUND INCREASE!

My lifts were as follows:

  • Squat: 523.6 (+60lb)

  • Bench: 485

  • Deadlift: 633.8 (+198lbs)

Earning me a Gold in the Men's Bench only and a Silver overall in the Men's 120kg.

Nsima was always very helpful in pinpointing weakness, adjusting my mechanics, and explaining why he prescribed what he did, and if I still had any questions he was always happy to answer. 

The bread and butter of working with Nsima was no doubt his programming, the accessories selection, rep scheme, periodization, and introducing me to what he called "+ sets" leading into peak week and eventually in my case attempt selection for meet day were all spot on. There were a few times when I was nervous about the weight he prescribed but he always reminded me "the numbers don't lie, the lift is there, just get out of your head" and he was right every time. 

Because Nsima's diverse skill set and very athletic background, I'd have no problems with recommending him to anyone at any experience level with the desire to look feel and perform better at a recreational or competitive level. That being said the difference you will receive when working with a coach like Nsima versus working alone is you have someone taking out the variable of "trial and error" out of the equation. He programs just for you based on your numbers and your mechanics, and is able to adjust your technique when necessary or interchange accessory work around any limitations you may have. 

I switched multiple aspects of my training around with Nsima's recommendations and packed 250+ lbs to my totals, lost considerable fat, greatly improved my body composition, learned a lot about implementing training strategies based on my needs to my training, all WITHOUT BEING INJURED ONCE, thats what a great coach will do for you.

It's been a pleasure training under Nsima "The Centaur" Inyang and I am honored to share my experience working with someone I consider a friend. Thanks Coach!