“I am 41 now, I feel I am in the best shape of my life, I feel confident, I am happy knowing that I am doing the best I can to serve my god Jehovah in a relatively healthy body.  This transformation has been epic!  I still have the original goals of hitting those numbers I have been chasing for so long, but Nsima has helped me understand that I can lift like a powerlifter, and still look like a body builder, without turning to PED’s. 


LOCATION: New Jersey


I have been “lifting weights” since around 12 years old… I was bullied constantly as a kid.   I was the typical chubby kid, had braces, we were kind of poor so we couldn’t afford haircuts at a high frequency.  I thought maybe if I gained some muscle, like in the movies, I would have kind of super human powers, get muscles overnight, and have some confidence.  At that age I didn’t know about lifting routines, regiments, eating right, etc…  I got my father to buy a home gym (bench, with leg attachment, pulley system, some sand weights) started doing all the ‘Broscience’ things.  Needless to say, I got hurt a few times, (surprised I didn’t kill myself) and I didn’t know what I was doing.  The only time I would pick up the weights  after I would get beat up by the local kids, lift for a few weeks, get hurt in the process, then stop.  I finally got my mom to sign me up at the local gym at around age 15, there was no ‘YouTube’, internet wasn’t really around during my youth, but I mostly learned from watching the other ‘BIG’ guys at the gym.  I grew quite a bit, I was active in school, baseball, basketball, lacrosse and some football, so I had a sort of athletic build, but still didn’t understand, routines, eating, training, sleep.

Fast forward 15 years…  before I started working with Nsima, I had learned a few things, and started leaning more towards powerlifting at around 35 and the ‘the big 3’.  I knew more about a lot of things because of the internet and YouTube, I would follow the usual powerlifters on YouTube and there advice, but I was stuck in a plateau and wanted to achieve 315 bench, 405 deadlift, and 315 squat before I grew too old to do it.  I still had never worked under the guidance of any coach.  One day searching for tips on bracing and improving my squat form I stumbled on to ‘TheNattyProfessor’, I was impressed, and the fact that he was BIG and never used steroids impressed me even more.  I started going through all the videos from his first to his last, (well last at that point, lol).  He made a video about the pros & cons about working with a coach, if it was a good option.  I started thinking and wondering at age 40 if I could even make some significant gains…  I took a leap of faith and emailed Nsima on January 30th 2018 at 4:52 pm (I still have the email…)

I am 41 now, I feel I am in the best shape of my life, I feel confident, I am happy knowing that I am doing the best I can to serve my god Jehovah in a relatively healthy body.  This transformation has been epic!  I still have the original goals of hitting those numbers I have been chasing for so long, but Nsima has helped me understand that I can lift like a powerlifter, and still look like a body builder, without turning to PED’s.  He has customized my training program many times, always adjusting and making sure things are staying on track.  I have only had one small minor setback with my knee (slipped on ice… wasn’t even lifting, LMBO) , and he made sure that I pushed through tailoring the program around the minor injury.

Nsima knows his stuff… he has shared his wealth of knowledge about dieting, lifting, everything!  Through his emails and voicemails (more like voice emails), he takes the time to explain (and re-explain) the methods, game plan… he doesn’t leave any details out.  He is as thorough as can be!  

My diet never really felt like a diet compared to all the different crazy things I have done and tried as far as dieting is concerned, this man has taught me how to enjoy eating, still eat what I want but adhering to a plan.  What more can you ask?


I have been athletic my whole life - I played sports, lifted weights, intuitively ate moderately healthy foods, and I worked out regularly, but even then it took seven months( Consisting of my off season and prep). Seven long months of training full of hard work, dedication, self discipline, and most importantly self love that I won my first ever bikini competition at the Phil Heath Classic. I couldn’t have done it without the support, knowledge, and program Nsima provided me.


INSTAGRAM: @caitalexandria_mills

LOCATION: San Antonio, Texas


I would first like to point out this prep tested me physically and mentally. Everyday was different. As a woman it’s hard not to pay attention to the scale. Especially because my body continuously fluctuated in weight, but no matter what I constantly saw progress with weekly measurements and strength in the gym. Going into this I was anxious, and ready to compete, but coach let me know right off the bat that my physique wasn’t ready, and I needed patience to work towards building a solid foundation before thinking about prep. So, I started my off season. Not to mention I had no idea what IIFYM was, nor how to track such a thing. He took the time to go over my program in full detail and made sure I understood everything. He tailored my program just for me. He took into account my likes/dislikes, changed my exercise plan as needed, and he constantly tested my strength. He was more than just someone who sent you something to follow and checked in on you. No, he had me take videos of all my compound exercises every week to ensure proper lifting. There wasn’t a moment I felt as if he didn’t have my best interest at heart. It was an amazing experience watching my physique progress. I built a solid body composition, then slowly went through my cut. Everything came together and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. 5 days in the gym lifting and the best part about it was I didn’t do any cardio until my prep started. Bottom line is that my coach is so knowledgeable and full of wisdom on everything health, physique, competition and body building related. My entire show day was mapped out, what to eat, and when to eat. I’ll never forget sending him pic by pic updates and he told me I could only eat a half of my Reese’s cup before my final walk on the stage instead of the whole cup (BASED ON A PICTURE) and how my body reacted during pre-judging. I was so hurt, I wanted the whole cup, but he knew exactly what was best for me! 

Show day was one of the most exciting days of my life. From the time I asked him to be my coach, until I stepped on stage it was all virtual, but there wasn’t a moment he wasn’t there to FaceTime, send me voice notes rooting for me or just be an ear when I was an emotional wreck because I was hungry. I walked the stage that day a better woman, physically and mentally. Post show, coach provided me with a plan back to reality. It was a slow and steady transition back to normal eating habits and a realistic physique. Till this day I’m healthy, happy and in the gym. Nsima is the truth.


I’ve been working with Nsima for over two years now, and he’s coached me from being insecure about my body and stagnate in my progress to confident in myself and winning a classic physique and bodybuilding show.


Instagram: @JBISHY333



Before working with him, I’d had three coaches who didn’t address the most basic concepts with regard to having a healthy mentality as a competitor or to being progressive in my training. I was obsessive about my eating and training, and lots of times didn’t even enjoy training because it felt like a chore rather than hobby I love. 

After seeking out Nsima and getting my first program and macros, I immediately put on mass and eventually was eating the most I ever have, enjoying the gym everyday, and progressing more than I ever thought possible. All of my lifts went up and were maintained throughout most of my prep, and my mechanics have consistently improved with Nsima’s guidance. During prep, Nsima was the voice of reason for me. He kept me sane, and with his guidance I managed to diet and train as sustainably as a competitor can. My movement patterns are the best they’ve ever been and are only getting better, and soon I’ll be as strong as I was before prep but at a lighter body weight. 

I’ve learned a lot along the way from Nsima about the reasons he programs the way he does and the mentality required to progress sustainably, and he’s always available to be contacted whenever I need him even though we’re in different time zones on opposite coasts. I appreciate everything Nsima has helped me accomplish, and I look forward to continuing to have him coach me as I grow. 


I originally had Nsima only helping me with my nutrition, but after a period of time, I wanted a program geared towards my goals as well. He was extremely helpful and never ran me into the ground like I've seen some coaches do. 


INSTAGRAM: @Carafit3

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA


I’ve been lifting for over 5 years, and bodybuilding for 3, and have been a Certified Personal Trainer myself for 3 years as well. I first contacted Nsima last year before my second competition prep. I had found him through one of my good friends, Jon, who was a client of his, and was looking for some serious guidance in nutrition for this prep. After speaking with Nsima about his approach to bikini prep, and how to peak, I was sure we were going to get along great! He follows an iifym approach, which was always what I followed, so I loved that. He was available to me at any time, and I would text him anytime I was panicking, in which he would quickly calm me down and ensure we were on track. He always made sure to keep my health the number one priority, and we had a nice, slow cut so I could keep as much size as possible. The communication was always great. We had weekly checkins, skype calls, and each day he would be able to see my updated weight and the macros from the day before. I loved the “sheets” app we used for keeping track. It made things extremely easy for both of us to know where my numbers were. 

I originally had Nsima only helping me with my nutrition, but after a period of time, I wanted a program geared towards my goals as well. He was extremely helpful and never ran me into the ground like I've seen some coaches do. He honed in on what I needed to improve on, and was always very straight up with me. I think that’s why I enjoyed working with a male coach more so than a woman, because he’s not afraid to tell me straight up that I need to be working harder, or that I'm not where we need to be just yet. I personally need that. I need to be pushed so that I don’t slack on myself, because motivation isn’t always there (as most competitors know).

He gave me all the tools I needed to be great, and I put in the work. Although my first national show did not go as well as we had hoped, Nsima was more than supportive and uplifting. Nsima is a great coach, and taught me so much during our time together. I’m happy to call him a friend.


I had a great experience working with Nsima. Before him I had 3 coaches. Two who coached me on powerlifting, and then another coach who did macros. They all did their jobs very well, and so when I went to Nsima it was just like having all three of those people in one person. He was a one man super team, and it made it really easy for me to ask questions and have him adjust things.


INSTAGRAM: @TheReallyWhiteBlackGuy

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA


Before getting put under Nsima's wing, I had a lot of experience with lifting, but not too much experience with dieting. I started lifting when I was 14 years old, so I had great lifting/strength coaches throughout my time as a high school athlete playing football and volleyball, as well as solid coaches throughout my career as a D1 volleyball player in college. After those years, I knew how to put a somewhat decent training program for myself, but always hated feeling as if I wasn’t getting as much out of it as I wanted. So, I ended up working with 2 powerlifting coaches and competed in 2 powerlifting meets. When it came to my nutrition, I knew how to track macros and all of that, and was already doing a cutting phase, but not as strict as it would have needed to be for a bodybuilding show. Nsima’s programming and his ability to adapt to my needs made his coaching 100000 x more amazing. There have been many many times throughout my training that I’ve had to have Nsima adjust my training. Whether it was wanting an extra upper body day, a different split, another day of training per week, or anything else you can think of, Nsima was able to do it. He can adapt to whatever you need, and it made for a very easy for me to switch gyms and still get an amazing program. This lead to me to never get bored of training, and have an amazing time at the gym. When it comes to Nutrition, my cut went great! I was eating at IHOP almost every day while tracking my macronutrient intake. We cut from 240 down to 212 lbs in about 4 months and I maintained most of my strength and energy while doing so! During my first show, I didn't place, which was totally okay. I went in and saw some of the dudes and knew it wasn’t going to be my day. Motivated by not placing, I decided to do another show about 3 weeks later, and I ended up placing 4th. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Also knowing that all of his and my hard work paid off made it that much better.  Nsima is the king of communication. It usually takes no longer than an hour or so for him to get back to me. Even when I called him during my contest prep, there was a good chance that he would pick up and be able to help me with anything I needed. I was able to email him and he got back to me in a timely manner. It really made asking for adjustments to my programming really easy.  

Because of all of these things I felt incredibly comfortable with Nsima as my coach. I was able to talk to him about any of the things I wanted to change and he responded with poise and an amazing wealth of knowledge. He is the first person I will recommend to someone when they express their desire for an amazing coach. HE’S THE MAN!


I've been a multi-sport athlete since I was 5 years old, but my real passion was for football where I eventually played at the D1AA level. All of my training and lifting experience prior to working with coach Nsima has come from my sports career which helped me start with a solid foundation. Following his customized training and nutrition programs I was able to win the Overall in Men's Bodybuilding at the 2015 INBF Battle of the Bay in my first show ever.


INSTAGRAM: @Marques.morgan

LOCATION: Sacramento, CA

If you're looking for someone who knows their stuff, walks the walk, and gives you tools and guidance based on sound principles backed by science and experience... he is your guy, no doubt about it. 

With that win I also earned my pro card in the WNBF. Two weeks later I also competed in the 2015 NANBF Natural Central Valley Classic where I came away with my second Overall win of my first season in Men's Bodybuilding. After a very short off-season Nsima also helped me prepare for my pro debut at the 2016 WNBF Pro USA CA Muscle Mayhem where I placed 7th.

The reason I reached out to Nsima was not just due to his impressive stature, but it was more so that he actually lived the life he was teaching others to live. Lifting weights was second nature to me, but with his help I was really able to have a structure for my training that I hadn't had since playing college football.  What I liked most about working with coach Nsima is that my training programs were fluid, but also purposeful, and well thought out. During my prep my training programs adapted to my needs based on my lifestyle, availability, fatigue, strength, and enjoyment. If there were movements that i did not particularly care for or enjoy this is where his expertise really shined. He was always able to find a sensible way of accomplishing the muscle development we needed by either changing the movement, modifying it, or combining movements to accomplish the same goal. There is no substitute for putting in the work and amounting the volume, but there is a safe and smart way to go about it and he definitely does that. Because of this, I enjoy the workouts and I also get the results.

Now when it came to dieting, this wasn't second nature to me. Even with all of year of experience in sports and weight training I never really learned about the nuances of nutrition. I knew the basics, but I lacked the knowledge and experience to take my body to the next level and really see what all these years of training had built. Nsima was actually the first person who introduced me to flexible dieting or IIFYM. This was mind blowing for me to know that i could moderately enjoy foods that were not exactly nutritiously dense and still get shredded for a bodybuilding competition. Previously, the only way I believed I could get ripped is by going on an extreme bro diet and doing hours of cardio which I wasn't willing to do.  Cutting for a show can be a very daunting task for many competitors, but for me it has been extremely manageable. There is no way of avoiding "the suck" once you get close, but the refeeds, diet breaks, and other tricks he has up his sleeve been so beneficial allowing me to break through the rough times. Although he pushes me to get the best out of me, he didn't put my health at risk for a plastic trophy. I always felt safe and trusted his protocols as he does what's best for you and your health first and your physical results second.

Lastly, I've always appreciated the open communication with Nsima. He is not only going to tell you what and how to do it, but he is willing to take the time to explain why you're doing it. I found this extremely help because I was always informed about what we were doing currently and what our next step was going to be. Its allowed me to have the utmost confidence in him, my plan, and myself. My biggest take away from working with Nsima is that he is constantly seeking knowledge and working on himself so that he can help others more effectively. This has inspired me to do the same and because of that I am now a better coach and athlete. I feel well equipped to maintain the body composition level I desire and that wouldn't have been the case without his help and taking the time to educate me along the way.


I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I have the tools and judgment to progress comfortably on my own, maintain (and build on) my improved body composition, and make necessary adjustments without doubting my choices. Thanks, Nsima. You are a dope human being.


LOCATION: Brookville, NY


I came to Nsima in a tricky spot. I had a bit of muscle, but held more body fat that I was comfortable with. I wasn’t well suited to diet at the start because of my relatively young training age, nor was I lean enough to commit to a full on gaining phase. Before discussing with Nsima I was almost sure I wanted to simply cut and then bulk once lean enough. But Nsima suggested a smarter game plan. For a few months we recomped by increasing volume and improving performance. As a byproduct I lost some body fat and was in a better position to start slowly gaining without putting on unnecessary body fat. After more than half a year of gaining steadily, I was comfortable enough with my muscle mass and lifting mechanics to start a diet.

I’ve dieted down in the past, but Nsima’s approach was the most effective cutting structure I’ve used to date. I was able to maintain strength throughout the majority of the diet (bench press definitely got hard but relative to my decreased bodyweight, strength improved). And my deadlift (both conventional and sumo) actually increased for 1.5 years straight from start of coaching to my leanest at the end of the cut. 

Probably the most important aspect about a coach is that they LISTEN. I would even say this aspect alone is reason enough to work with Nsima. I felt like every answer to my questions was geared towards me. I never received generic responses. His voice explanations are eloquent, detailed, and extremely informative. Nsima also has a a way of explaining compound lift mechanics in a way that really clicks (in the past I’ve watched far too many lifting tutorials without much benefit). This made my switch from conventional to sumo deadlift seamless and tightened up my former unstable bench press. Besides fantastic information and advice, hearing his voice messages helped me push through tough times like when I had occasional strength stalls or when I was irritable in the deep end of the diet.

Lastly, Nsima put tremendous effort into observing and learning about me, which helped me learn about myself. I was impressed by Nsima’s intelligent design and constant tweaking of training mesocycles. He identified my weaknesses and we dedicated certain phases to them. For example, we switched from back to front squats and bench to close grip bench for multiple training cycles. I would never make this type of change on my own, but damn these uncomfortable cycles paid off because what used to be my weaknesses are no longer weak points (e.g. by emphasizing close grip, now my triceps are a strong point). Nsima also helped me learn that I respond well to moderate lower body volume, but I need higher than normal upper body volume for effective stimulus. 


"This guy has a high amount of theoretical knowledge, he absolutely knows how to put that into practice. He has that certain something, that mindset that makes him get the best out of every situation. Why doesn't he have 1 Million followers?!"




I came across Nsima through a youtube video where he talked about the potential for a natural drug free athlete to gain muscle. My first thought was "This guy has a high amount of theoretical knowledge, he absolutely knows how to put that into practice. He has that certain something, that mindset that makes him get the best out of every situation. Why doesn't he have 1 Million followers?!"

When I inquired about his coaching services he over delivered again, giving me in depth insights on what he would recommend me to do and what we would do together. Fast forward two years I can say that it was a great decision to work with Nsima. The good thing about a professional coach is that he is both objective and knows what to do in a different situations. Nsima realized pretty quickly that taking things a bit too seriously was holding me back and took the right steps to improve both my training, nutrition and most importantly my mindset.

When we started I was interested in power-building. We began to improve my body-composition and lifting numbers while staying around the same bodyweight. One of the most helpful aspects of the coaching was him critiquing my form. Despite being on the almost the opposite side of the world he knew what angles he needed to see in my lifts in order for him to find my exact weaknesses. This was especially valuable because I'm training at a commercial gym where there was nobody who could really help me. When I wanted to focus more on bodybuilding Nsima changed the program right away and also despite living far away, he helped me tremendously with my posing via skype conferences.

Lastly when I went into my cut which we took 2 years to prepare for, Nsima made the necessary adjustments to the diet in order to keep performance and muscle mass (this worked out extremely well) despite losing lots of body fat. He knew when one should go slower and when one should push for more fat loss. In general this diet was slower, more controlled, and therefore more effective than what I did on my own when I started lifting. In the end it was an awesome experience working with Nsima on such a wide range of fitness related problems and I learned so much that now helps me both with my own training and with my personal coaching business!